1. Why is my garage door so loud?
Loud is not necessarily a problem. Scrapping or popping noises coming your garage door is! Immediately give us a call if this the case
2. My garage door won't open, what is wrong?
The problem could be there is no power getting to your garage door opener. If the garage door opener is reacting and the door still wont open, then it could be due to a broken spring. 
3. Are you licensed? Yes
4. Do you have replacement parts for any garage door system? We carry replacement parts for most brands of garage doors and garage door openers
5. Do you have a warranty? Doormaster has a warranty of 1 year, parts and labor
6. What maintenance is suggested for the tracks, hinges, rollers and springs? Lubricating bearing. Try Flow is a recommended lube or Motorcycle chain lube

7. What is included in a maintenance visit?

  • Lubricating all bearings
  • Inspecting cables
  • Tightening loose bolts
  • Checking track for proper alignment
  • Check for proper chain tension



8. What Do I Do if I Hit My Garage Door With My Car?
Call for garage door inspection or garage repair
Don’t push garage opener. Potentially dangerous because garage door could fall or get stuck.



Other Recommendations:

  • We always recommend opening the garage door before getting in the car
  •  Do not rely on your back up camera to tell you if your garage door is open

9. How long does it take to install a new garage door?
Most replacements can be done in 1 day.