Change Out Your Old Spring

Change Out Your Old Spring

Reach out to a professional to handle spring replacement

Trying to replace garage door springs yourself without the proper training and resources can lead to disaster. Doormaster replaces and repairs garage door springs so you don't have to risk injury or property damage.

The replacement process only takes a little over an hour, but the results will last for years. We install springs with extended lifespans. These springs last longer than the springs that initially came with your garage door.

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Make sure your garage door works how it should all the time

Your garage door spring makes it possible for your garage door to slide open and shut. If there's a problem with your spring, you could end up stuck outside of your garage trying to deal with a door that won't open. You also might end up with your car trapped inside your garage.

Don't let this happen to you. We can replace springs for any type of garage door. We even have emergency services available for times when you need to drive somewhere but your garage door won't budge.

You don't have to worry about getting a spring that doesn't work with your garage door. We build custom springs that are sure to function perfectly.

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